Best Practices on Twitter

Not all platforms work for every business or every business owner. If you already have a following on Facebook, that is an obvious platform you would use and optimize. If you don’t, don’t worry. You may like to update and talk similarly to how you text, then you should be using Twitter. If photo’s are your thing (although photos need to be included on every social platform) Instagram is where you need to be.

Each business should be using more than one platform, however if there is one that just isn’t working for you, or you forget about, then leave it behind. In the following series we will start to explains the basic of social media and their most popular platforms. In the future we woul
d like to go in-depth on these topics. All questions are helpful so ask away.



Twitter: A microblogging site that moves very quickly and delivers messages to your followers.

Pros: Twitter allows you to stay on top of mind with your customers and people related to your field of business.

Cons: Twitters’ feed is constantly changing so many of your followers may not see your message. Because of this posting numerous messages a day is recommended.

What is Twitter?     Twitter is a social networking site allowing users to chat in real-time.
What do people use Twitter for? Twitter is used for a variety of reasons. Some use Twitter to chat and make friends outside of their own circles, some use Twitter to direct traffic to their websites and blogs and others use Twitter for promotional and business networking. The best way to look at Twitter is as “group texting”. You sign up for an account and “follow” people with the same interests and businesses. As you begin to follow people they in turn will follow you back. What does this do for you? Well it provides you with a social network of people who want to hear what you have to say. The number one pointer when using Twitter for marketing is to make sure that you have a balance of personal information to business information so that people feel a personal connection to you and your company.

#1 Keep Your Business to Yourself

Not really, but once you join Twitter, don’t immediately start pushing your site, product or agenda. Followers is the name of the game. The more followers you have the bigger network you have to tap into. Let’s put it this way. When you answer the phone and realize that rather than your friend on the other end, it is a salesman. Some of us are kind and give them time to speak, but never intend to buy, some of us say no thank you and hang up, and then most of us immediately hang up the phone. Instead, when a friend calls, you want to hear what they have to say, talk a while and ask for help or suggestions. This is the value of a friend.
There is wisdom in spending a good week or two tweeting as many times a day as you can before you link your tweets to your blog, website, or promotions.
Never be afraid to start chatting or replying to a total stranger. That is the point of Twitter. If someone
doesn’t reply to you, just start talking with someone else. There is no reason to include emotion or have attitude on Twitter, you are trying to get friends, not lose them. A good rule of thumb is to post 70% about interests including your own industry and 30% business/announcements/events specific

#2 Make Twitter work for you.
Most people new to Twitter will use the original platform. This will work for your basic chat, but to effectively market, the proper use of applications and timing is everything. Tweet Deck, Destroy Twitter, Hootsuite, InTweets, SnapBird

#3 Don’t forget to link
With every website, blog, video, comment you put on the web, you need to
interlink each of those sites. So, your tweets need to include links, as does your bio and profile.
If you are using Blogger, WordPress, Typepad or another blog platform, they usually have an option to add an html code to your blog.

#4 Use Hashtags, but don’t go crazy!

Hashtags are not meant to be a quippy remark or sentence. #Heisthecutest means nothing. Hashtags are a way to categorize on the web. If you are running a contest and want to promote it for Twitter users, then you would do something like #PersnicketySelfie. This allows anyone to enter your contest on Twitter. You then would use the search box, input #PersnicketySelfie and results will appear for each person that entered your contest.

#5 Twitter Parties

I don’t host Twitter parties, however a number of bloggers do this regularly. A Twitter party is usually an hour or two long and is centered around a theme, product, business venture, etc. (Maybe we will start doing them at BWN)

Since I am not the aficionado on Twitter parties, I will refer you to a post on

Twitter is such a simple platform, you can get lost trying to look for something more. Messages move at the speed of light, you need to get as many messages out there and post consistently.