WAHM Social Media Marketing Plan

*** The following protocol was written for a membership only site. It was formatted differently (frankly more artistically, but is currently for content review only.

Social Media Marketing Plan
Welcome to Teach Smart Moms Social Media Marketing plan:

1. What is Social Media?
What is Social Media?
Why do I need it?
Is it just a trend?
How do I use it?

Social Media is user-generated platforms or networks that the creator can share
with anyone and everyone and the audience can respond. Like a blog,
facebook, Twitter, etc. And mostly free!
-It is where your customers and everyone else is frankly
One word, No, platforms may be, but
-Post written blog information, videos, pictures, information to the masses

2. Niche Market
Who is my typical customer?
What are they interested in?
Where are they on the web?

Who is your target Market
And you Social Media Targets
3. Focus your Business Message
Do I have a product to launch?
Is there an event on my website?
Do I want to advertise a discount, etc
Keep your message consistent.
Campaign and marketing efforts are best launched or amped up coinciding with an event.

As with all marketing efforts, your consumer needs to know who you are,
they need to connect your first campaign, with your funny anecdotes
and with your product. Point a to b to point c. Keep messages branded
and looking similar to create familiarity.

4. Focus your personal messages
What do you have to share with your audience?
How does your goals/business/agenda affect you?
What is your day-to-day like?
Are you “preaching” or selling or just relating?
What can you share
-how your business affects you
-day- to-day
-preaching or selling

5. Consistency is Key
When to keep in touch?
How often?
How does it look?
-When / times of day
How often and how, automatic poster, etc.
As we talked about previously, we need to remain recognizable with pictures, logo’s, etc.

6. Monitor & Evaluate
Make sure your efforts are making an impact.
Track back, Affiliate Links, etc.
Monthly or Quarterly
Thank your customers


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