Social Media Marketing Outline for Search America

Marketing Plan

  1. SearchAmerica Monthly Newsletter: Upload contacts, design layout, gather content, featured jobs, etc.
  2. Blog-
    Will need a blog page setup on website (with dates and titles on each
    entry capable of a RSS Feed), content management, design, and
  3. Post SearchAmerica jobs on LinkedIn
  4. Develop and maintain Facebook landing page with monthly featured jobs (will provide links to web page )
  5. Develop and maintain Twitter account with running job links and highlights from
    blog posts and newsletters (more links ) -tweetadder
  6. Article submission, rewrite summaries of blog posts, and newsletters into
    industry articles and submit to articles sites.- jetsubmitter
  7. Monitor and develop back links to additional sites, monitor traffic, submit
    additional sites to bookmarking tools, i.e. delicious, stumble upon,
  8. Manage recruiters and contributors, make a content
    calendar, a list of article ideas and useful tips for those that are
    providing content
  9. US Technology Online
    Email / Fax blast monthly specials to;

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